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Hi, I'm Dez! I did the hCG diet in 2009 when I learned about it. I'd lose weight then stop then go back lose some more then stop. By 2012  I reached 150 pounds which coming from 250 I was happy.

I never looked at how long it took me to get to 150 I did it all in my own time and each milestone was a celebration of life and health.

I kept my weight off I ran a popular hCG blog which I won't mention here and I was on the verge of building muscle and slimming down more, but around April 2015 things changed for me. Really things changed in June 2012 but the effects didn't hit me until April 2015.

I slowly gained my weight back.  I can say I didn't gain my weight back because hCG failed or my eating plan failed. I FAILED.  I really want those reading this to understand what I said and what I mean. I FAILED.

All I knew about dieting, exercise, emotional eating, stress and what motivated me, I let go. I allowed myself to give in to a darker side of me, an uncaring side of me. A side of me that lost hope, lost control and ran my life based on fear.

I'm telling you this story because I know there are others out there who  right now are in the same boat I was in, something in their life changed and they find they are drowning and don't know how to pull themselves out.

I hope to inspire those and others because You Can and You Will pull yourself out and change your life for the better. Not because I did, but because you have it within you and once you realize, FEAR only wins when you let it. FEAR only controls you if you allow it, you will start that fire within achieve.  Once you have a glimpse of what is truly driving your FEAR, that is when you will stop the those forces and reverse your life.

So as of this writing I'm back to living my life FEARLESS and doing what I love.

In my blog you will read the many things I've learned over the years about not only losing weight but about how to keep it off. Hint, it starts with your attitude.

I will also share research I've done as well as the important principles about the Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Protocol and the Kevin Trudeau additions using the hCG hormone.  And most importantly, what I'm doing right now to keep the weight off!

Don't forget to ENJOY your LIFE while you live each day fully and FEARLESS!

Please note; I will not answer medical questions.

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Diet Calendar

Your calendar will be color code for each Phase of the diet, a 26 Day and a 42 Day calendar.  Both calendars coordinate with each diet Phase diet and tell you exactly:

  1. When to start and stop your hCG no matter your delivery method.
  2. When to gorge.
  3. When to go into stabilization.
  4. When to go into maintenance.

It makes your diet easy.

Dr. Simeons

Dr. Simeons Manuscript on the Original hCG Diet Protocol. The one that was reintroduced by Kevin Trudeau and started the hCG craze for dieting all over again!

Some Doctors have added new guidelines but the original 500 VLCD is the basis of the diet and still often used by many to lose unwanted fat fast and reach their weight loss goals.

Also having a understanding an appreciation for where it all began helps you tweak for your needs.

7 Day Menu

Know what to eat for the 1st 7 days while you explore other recipes ideas while on your hCG plan and starting to lose weight.


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We do not spam or share your email ever!


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